PC Tune-up

Serving the Carson Valley area including Carson City, Gardnerville and Minden, Valet Computer is recognized as the leader in restoring your computer’s original performance.

Before you decide to buy a new computer to replace your old one, consider a PC Tune-up instead. Over time, computers can perform sluggishly due to a variety of underlying issues which can be easily resolved in many cases.

No pre-packaged tune-up software or on-line service can rival our Valet custom tailored tune-ups as we take a holistic approach in optimizing computers. A computer is comprised of both hardware and software and both need to be considered when speeding up performance. With over 30 years experience in tuning up computers, we’re confident we can restore your speed and reliability at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new computer.

All tune-ups are based upon our proprietary 83-point checklist (aka “our secret sauce”) which has been battle-tested in the field over 30 years to deliver optimum results. We guarantee results as we do with all our services.


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