I have a very old laptop that I rarely used. It was slow, half the time I had problems even starting it up, and it would lock up on me all the time. But I needed a computer for a project I was doing and I wasn't sure if it would be better to buy a new one, or if my old one could be fixed. Ed at Valet Computer did an amazing job of repairing my old computer! He understood what I needed it for and made sure my old computer could handle my project before he spent the time fixing it. Ed spent several days removing viruses and cleaning it all up. The price he charged for the time spent was extremely fair. He's very trustworthy. And, he did everything remotely. I only had to turn the computer on, allow him in and he went to work. I left my computer on and walked away. When he completed the repairs it was almost like having new computer - everything works fast without any glitches. I'm so very glad I had Ed look at my computer!

Gai Seat

Gardnerville, NV